Marketo Timezone Sending vs. True Send Time Optimization

Jan 17, 2018 5:13:58 PM / by Mike Donnelly posted in Email Marketing, marketing automation, marketo, send time optimization


For Marketo users with email lists spanning multiple time zones, enabling the new time zone sending feature on email marketing campaigns is a no-brainer. Without timezone sending, your mailing sent out at 9 am EST will reach your west coast readers at 6am.

If your list consists solely of early rising CEO’s, this is perfect, but most data shows open rates peak between 8-10 am.

Wait til 9 am PST?

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What 5 years of building marketing automation programs has taught us

Aug 22, 2017 11:49:10 PM / by Devin Ross posted in Email, Email Marketing, marketing automation


 Five years ago when MPULL was founded, we were seen as innovative for setting up marketing automation that was simply a series of “smart emails” sent after someone downloaded an ebook.

We’ve learnt a fair amount about what works, and what doesn’t. Here are our findings:

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Artificial Intelligence is Changing Email - Get Ahead or Fall Behind

Jun 13, 2017 4:03:12 PM / by Mike Donnelly posted in Artificial Intelligence, Email, Email Marketing, marketing automation


While a world in which computers are sentient beings may still be a long way off, artificial intelligence has developed at a rocket-fast pace in the last several years. We can now do things with the help of collective intelligence that we would never have thought possible. And that power is being applied to everything from the HIV pandemic to. . . email.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can now know what content individual subscribers will find valuable, know exactly where they are in the buying/customer journey, and know when each subscriber is most likely to open and engage with your email. This is not only the future of email marketing, it’s happening now. And your competitors are using it to reel in prospects and keep customers loyal, so you might want to get on board!

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