You've got questions and with split test automation for HubSpot, you've got answers!

At Seventh Sense, we don't believe in silver bullets, but rather real answers live within data. As one of our favorite sayings goes, "in God we trust, all others must bring data."

In working with our own prospective customers, we often found we simply didn't have the tools in HubSpot to easily find answers to their questions. Additionally, at Seventh Sense we use HubSpot for our own marketing efforts and simply didn't have a way to answer many of the burning questions we had ourselves. So to scratch our own itch we built a a/b and multi-variate testing tool tool to do just this.

Hence, split test automation for HubSpot was born to help us (and YOU). While many people told us we could charge a significant premium for this capability, we ultimately made the decision to give the tool away for free.

If you're using HubSpot, the section below provides examples and instructions on how to set up just a few of the possible a/b and multi-variate tests that you can run using split test automation. Are you ready to bring a new level of value to your email program?


In the world of email, this is one of the most burning questions marketers have. The day of the week you deliver your emails can have a significant impact on the success (or lack thereof) of an email campaign. If your curious which days of the week perform the best and drive the best engagement, you can now answer this question by following the framework below:


If you google "when's the best time to send emails?" you'll find thousands of pundits and articles all claiming to have the answer. However, every audience and more specifically every person is different in the times they prefer to really interact with their inbox. We're all creatures of habit. However, my habits are likely different than yours. If you'd like to find out whether you should be sending your emails in the morning, afternoon or evening, then follow the below framework to see which time works best for your audience as a whole.

what format and type of content performs best?

Should you send plain text or HTML based emails? How many products should you include in your promotional emails? Do CTA's work better than plain links? Does the placement of CTA's impact performance? How many images should you include in your monthly newsletter? Should you even use images in your emails? Will a 10%, 20% or 25% discount perform better as part of this promotional email campaign? How many emails should you send as part of your abandoned cart campaign?

These are all real life questions we get all the time. With split test automation for HubSpot, you can now easily run tests to see what performs best with your audience.


Have you ever wondered whether the person or from name your marketing emails are coming from can make a difference in engagement rates? Well, wonder no more if you apply the below testing framework!

CAN macro-throttling increase the odds of inboxing?

Email throttling is controlling the amount of email messages sent to one ISP or remote server at one time. Sometimes ISPs block messages when a high volume is sent by one sender at one time because they might be concerned its spam.  

At this time, HubSpot doesn't offer email throttling of any sort, however, by following the below framework, you can at least start to benefit from macro-throttling. The reason we refer to this as macro-throttling is because you will still be delivering emails in larger chunks vs. micro-throttling where your email deliveries are throttled at an individual level like when you use Seventh Sense.

Oh, and once you set this workflow up once, you can easily clone your workflow so you don't have to start from scratch every time.

How can I segment my audience easily within a HubSpot workflow?

From time to time, you may want a way to randomly sort your audience into different cohorts to run tests or run a fun campaign like this one

Rather than spending time with the complex (and often error ridden) process of downloading contact lists, assigning each person / email address a random number, splitting your list on the random number and then re-uploading that list back to HubSpot, you can now simply segment your audience using the below framework. All of this happens in HubSpot, with no need to interact with a spreadsheet. 


Like many other elements in a marketing stack, experimenting is an important aspect of learning what works and doesn't. If you use HubSpot, check out and use the split test automation capability to a/b and multi-variate test for free!

What will you do with it? We'd love to know!

Mike Donnelly

Written by Mike Donnelly

Founder and CEO - Seventh Sense