The Five Levels of Send Time Optimization

Feb 12, 2018 6:18:04 PM / by Mike Donnelly posted in Email, Email Marketing, send time optimization, send time personalization

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The origin of email goes back to 1971 when even the smallest computers required a wheelbarrow to transport. In the early days, computers were a tool used for a limited set of tasks, they were part of a job for some, but it was the introduction of the Blackberry, iPhone and Android in the 2000’s that brought our inboxes to our pockets.

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The Missing Link to Email Marketing Success - Email Frequency Optimization

Dec 10, 2017 12:34:37 AM / by Mike Donnelly posted in HubSpot, Email Marketing, send time optimization, send time personalization, send frequency optimization, send frequency personalization


Why do we send marketing emails? To educate, inform and have our subscribers engage.

How often is too often

Emily loves email. In fact, she runs a company whose primary customer outreach is via email! Her inbox overflows on the weekends. During the week she tries to dig out so she can stay on top of business, but it’s always a challenge.

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