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Increase Your Agency’s Value by Optimizing Email Send Time and Frequency

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Competition for attention in the inbox means that people aren’t opening and reading your clients’ email campaigns at the level they could be. With Seventh Sense, you can deliver emails individually, at the time when they’re most likely to be opened and read by each contact. The result is better engagement and better ROI for your clients, and a competitive advantage for your agency that helps you attract and retain clients.

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Send Time Optimization by Seventh Sense


How It Works

  • Request a demo to learn more about how you can use Seventh Sense to increase your clients’ ROI on email campaigns.

  • Enjoy access to training resources and our Partner Program resources to make the sales process simple.

  • Attract and delight clients with higher performing email campaigns powered by Seventh Sense.

Elyse Flynn Meyer

"By utilizing Seventh Sense, we're able to grow and scale our business by adding additional value to our clients and their entire email marketing program with a tool that continues to sustain and increase engagement. With email still being a critical component of a company's digital strategy, Seventh Sense allows us to deliver a new technology to make email more relevant and more data-driven than ever."


President and Founder, Prism Global Marketing

"Nurturing leads to move individuals through the sales funnel is a big part of what we do for our clients. Being able to run nurturing campaigns using Seventh Sense to nurture each individual at their best time of engagement has helped us tremendously. "


Agency Strategist, Nextiny

How Imagine Business Development is Using Seventh Sense to Double Email Conversion Rates

Imagine Business Development is a HubSpot Agency Partner that’s focused on creating demand generation programs that achieve predictable, sustainable, and scalable growth for small and mid-sized businesses. They know that email is the critical linchpin for marketing and sales interactions.

The Problem

The Imagine Business Development team spent countless hours on the email subject lines, content, style, and design for each of their clients’ campaigns. But when they analyzed the performance of their work, they saw that only about 20% of recipients would open the email and only 2-3% would click on links within the email.

The Solution

When Imagine Business Development found Seventh Sense, they realized it was the tool they needed to increase response rates for their clients. They began using Seventh Sense to discover each individual contact’s preferences. They learned that some contacts preferred daily emails, while others responded better if they got an email once per month.

The Results

After implementing Seventh Sense, the Imagine Business Development team became excited about emails once again. Over the first four months of using the integration, conversion on emails nearly doubled. Additionally, the website bounce rate with the source as coming from email marketing has dropped 33%.

With the machine learning tools and analytics, the team is sending fewer total emails with a higher number of opens, clicks, and engagements. Results like these ensure that Imagine Business Development keeps a better sender reputation and that emails make it to the inbox instead of the SPAM folder. Gaining attention in over-crowded inboxes has translated into shorter sales cycles, better audience engagement, and increased revenue and brand awareness.

Founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development, Doug Davidoff, says, “Our email is on fire. This has not only improved our direct results, but the energy for the team as well.”

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