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Get Better Results With Your Email Marketing


AI software designed to personalize email delivery times and frequency for maximum performance and engagement.


Out of the box integrations with best in class marketing automation platforms.

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Email inboxes are noisy and attention spans are at an all-time low. Break through the clutter using artificial intelligence.

Modern email marketing has consequences.

Executives and Marketers believe email is a free, no-consequence channel. That's why email marketing is so widely overused and abused, making it tough to be successful.

If you don't make a change with the way you're approaching your email marketing, you'll...

  • Have to keep explaining to your leadership team why email is producing disappointing results.

  • Waste a lot of time and energy on A/B testing that's inconclusive and unhelpful.

  • Continue investing in the wrong resources and tools that don't get you results.

Marketers deserve better results based on the time and effort they put into their email marketing efforts.


Increase Deliverability


Increase Engagement


Increase Conversions

A smarter way to send email.

There's more competition than ever for attention in inboxes. When you use Seventh Sense's artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize email delivery times for each individual in your database, you'll see more engagement and better results with your email marketing.



What can Seventh Sense do for you?

You want better results from email marketing. You want to go from an amateur email marketer to next-level email marketer. Right?

The problem is, email is one of the most overused and abused digital marketing channels and it's getting harder and harder to get a consumer's attention in their inbox. This leaves email marketers feeling extremely helpless and lost, unsure of what to do next to drive desired results.

We believe email marketers deserve for their time to not be wasted on the email content that they put so much energy into, only to have it read and engaged with by a fraction of their intended audience. At Seventh Sense, we understand how helpless email marketers feel in today's noisy digital marketplace. That's why we've created a tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize frequency and personalize email delivery times for each individual in the database, so email marketers can get the results they deserve and ensure their carefully crafted emails get read and acted upon. We have hundreds of customers scheduling over 100 million combined personalized emails monthly using Seventh Sense, and are seeing results ranging anywhere from 7% to over 100% increases in email engagement within their databases.

100's of Happy Customers


Over 100,000,000 Personalized Emails Scheduled Monthly


7% to over 100% Increases in Email Engagement

Send Time Optimization

True send time personalization. Emails are automatically delivered to every individual at his or her most optimal engagement time.

Email Throttling

Throttling increases deliverability,  empowers you to pause campaigns, make changes and spread load on your systems, call centers and salespeople.   

Increase Deliverability

By increasing engagement, you'll increase your sender reputation with major email providers improving overall deliverability.

Email Frequency Optimization

Customers have different needs. Automatic engagement based segmentation allows you to easily email customers at their preferred frequency.

Knowledge Transfer

Empower your sales and marketing teams to share data on when individual customers or prospects engage with your organization.

Increase Conversions

Send time/frequency optimization means happier customers, shortened sales cycles, and higher conversion rates.

How to get results with your email marketing.
Request a demo

1. Request a demo. 

Request a free demo and connect your marketing automation system to see how Seventh Sense's artificial intelligence personalizes and optimizes email send times/days for your subscribers.

Email send

2. Optimize email sends. 

Schedule batch and automated emails using Seventh Sense with HubSpot or Marketo to start hitting inboxes at the perfect time for individual subscribers in your database.

Inbox After-2

3. Start seeing results. 

Once subscribers start receiving emails at the times/days that they are more likely to pay attention, you'll see boosts in open rates, click rates, conversions, and overall engagement within your database.

Craig Abod

"We've seen a great impact from Seventh Sense on our business."


President, Carahsoft Technology Corp
Doug Davidoff

"Our email is on fire. This has not only improved our direct results but the energy for the team as well."


Founder and CEO, Imagine Business Development
ProAthlete Inc

"What we saw was extraordinary. Despite sending 44% less emails year-over-year, we grew our email marketing revenue by 11%. Additionally, our open rates and click rates doubled."


Digital Marketing Strategist, ProAthlete Inc.


100's of businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and marketing agencies use Seventh Sense to maximize engagement and the performance of their email marketing efforts.

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Is your email marketing creating ROI? Use our calculator to find out.

  • Compute the financial return from your email marketing investments

  • Compute the total cost of your email marketing program

  • Understand your average cost and return per subscriber

  • Understand how you compare against the industry average

  • Produce a personalized report


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Are you ready to make email a more viable revenue generating channel for your organization?


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