Go From Blasting To Precision Email

Email Frequency and Send Time Personalization for HubSpot and Marketo

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Your audience is quietly telling you something with every email you send and receive.


Automate analysis of your marketing engagement and email data to gain new insights.


AI powered predictions so you can understand when and at what frequency to communicate.


Deliver your emails at personally optimized times.

You already own the data, now put it to use

Artificial Intelligence is the rocket and data is the fuel.  Startups to enterprises have black gold sitting in their marketing automation and email systems.  Seventh Sense harvests this data empowering you to:

Align Your Marketing & Sales Team

Marketing generates email engagement data and so does sales. Until now, the two have never met. By combining this intelligence both marketers and sales pros can learn from one another's success.

Increase Your Email Engagement & Revenue

Timing is everything in marketing and sales. By connecting with prospects and customers on their terms and not when it's convenient for you, the results are dramatic.

Close More Opportunities With Less Work

Accelerate marketing and sales cycles by reducing the number of attempted touch points with prospects and customers by delivering emails at the most optimal time and with the right frequency.

What can Seventh Sense do for you?

Gabriel is CEO of Nextiny, an inbound marketing agency that collaborates with companies to set and achieve their marketing and sales goals.

See how Nextiny is using Seventh Sense to help their customers.

AI Powered Email for Marketers

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AI Powered Email for Sales Reps

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“ Seventh Sense is the easiest way to sustain and increase engagement. With ever-increasing competition for attention in the inbox, delivering messages at the most optimal time is key. “


Managing Partner, LeadG2 (Platinum Hubspot Agency Partner)

“ Email send time optimization is now a must have, as competition for mindshare in the inbox is more fierce. Delivering messages at an optimum time has crossed the chasm of a better subject line. “


Healthe Trim

“ So simple to use, and we’ve finally answered that age-old question of ‘when really is the best time to send email?’ “



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