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Is there a best time to send email?

Automated Send Time and Frequency Optimization for HubSpot and Marketo

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Send Marketing Emails with Precision

Whether you're sending to 1 or 1 million people, deliver every email at the optimal time and frequency for each person.  

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Send Sales Emails with Precision 

Timing is everything in sales. Send your emails when your prospects or customers are most likely to open and respond.

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What can Seventh Sense do for you?

Send Time Optimization

True send time personalization. Emails are automatically delivered to every individual at his or her most optimal engagement time.

Email Throttling

Throttling increases deliverability,  empowers you to pause campaigns, make changes and spread load on your systems, call centers and salespeople.   

Increase Deliverability

By increasing engagement, you'll increase your sender reputation with major email providers improving overall deliverability.

Email Frequency Optimization

Customers have different needs. Automatic engagement based segmentation allows you to easily email customers at their preferred frequency.

Knowledge Transfer

Empower your sales and marketing teams to share data on when individual customers or prospects engage with your organization.

Increase Conversions

Send time/frequency optimization means happier customers, shortened sales cycles, and higher conversion rates.

Craig Abod

"We have seen a great impact from Seventh Sense on our business."


President, Carahsoft Technology Corp

"Our email is on fire. This has not only improved our direct results but the energy for the team as well."


Founder and CEO, Imagine Business Development
ProAthlete Inc

"What we saw was extraordinary. For 2017, despite sending 44% less emails year-over-year, we grew our email marketing revenue by 11%. Additionally, our open rates and click rates doubled."


Digital Marketing Strategist, ProAthlete Inc.

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