A big data & ai system

Designed to scale.




How we do it

Data is at the heart of what we do. Organizations, large and small, have a tremendous opportunity to utilize the data they already own to improve their sales and marketing response rates.  Seventh Sense makes this possible for everyone without the need for software developers or data scientists.


Data collection and cleansing

One of the biggest challenges with any big data system is the collection and cleansing process. Seventh Sense has automated this entire pipeline with our out of the box connectors.


Data analysis and predictive engine

Using our proprietary alogorithms, you can gather immediate insight and use Seventh Sense's predictive analytics within your sales and marketing processes.


Integrates back into your daily work

You have access to a number of tools that integrate with your existing marketing automation and CRM systems.

The technologies we do it with

Seventh Sense uses a collection of best-of-breed cloud and big data technologies to automate the process of gathering interaction data from all your sources, analyzing it and delivering predictions back to the places that matter most.

This pipeline takes advantage of cutting edge “fast data” streaming technologies such as Akka Streams, Kinesis, Kafka, and Apache Spark Streaming to ensure that as more and more data becomes available to you the platform can scale to handle it.


Tech Stack

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