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helping medium and enterprise sized companies using Marketo win attention in today's overcrowded inboxes
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Your next email blast isn't a blast at all

You'll no longer "blast" emails from Marketo. Instead you'll be using artificial intelligence to deliver your marketing emails one to one, at scale and all of this using Marketo.

You pick a window of time to deliver your email and let Seventh Sense schedule the most optimal time for each recipient.

Seventh Sense - Optimization SANDRA v1


Corporate spam filters and major email service providers (Google & Office365) are designed to block what they perceive as bulk or spam email.

By throttling the delivery of your emails to the same company / ESP, you can dramatically increase the chance that your emails make it to the inbox.

Seventh Sense - Optimization LIAM v1


Seventh Sense is your email AI companion with Marketo. The system provides ultimate flexibility with your email program by:

  • empowering you to change your content mid-distribution for any number of reasons; mis-spellings, broken links, wrong webinar dates, etc.
  • stopping delivery or spreading out the load on your internal systems and people.
  • changing your promoted item if you've run out of stock or if the stock you're promoting isn't performing as expected.

By throttling your email "blasts", you've now entered a whole new era of flexibility and control.

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Seventh Sense - Optimization KEVIN v1
Remember the last time you sent a marketing email and everyone opened it at the same time? Me neither.
Pete Caputa
Pete Caputa
CEO, Databox
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Get Setup and Running in Minutes

Seventh Sense is a purpose built artificial intelligence system which means you don't need to hire data scientists or specialists to use the technology. The setup process with Marketo takes about 20 minutes and you'll then be up and running.

Email send

Send on Your Time, Deliver on Theirs

Schedule your email campaigns when it's convenient for you and deliver them when it's convenient for each of your recipients.


Reduce Work Induced Anxiety

Ever had a broken link, spelling error, run out of stock on a promoted item, have your systems overloaded or find a broken element on a landing page? Worry no more, Seventh Sense has you covered with a pause button!


better than time zone sending

Marketo's Recipient Time Zone sending utilizes the perceived time zones of your recipients which can be riddled with issues.

Whereas, Seventh Sense is completely time zone independent and uses AI and machine learning to identify the most optimal time to deliver each person your email; automatically and at scale.


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A/B testing in email can be a magical thing!

The way we like to think about it; if you can simply increase your engagement metrics by a mere 8% what used to take you 13 months will only take you 12.  A/B testing is the way to find out how you can get that 8% or more.

But remember, the way most email A/B testing software works, a certain number of emails are sent out to gauge the response and the rest go out after a result has been found or a set amount of time has passed.

This means either the test cohort or the remaining audience is going to get their email at a less than ideal time.

Fortunately, your Seventh Sense doesn't work that way.

AB Test Example

Protect The Health of Your Email Domain

Just because Marketo says 99.7% of your email got delivered, doesn't mean your emails made it to the inbox.  All it means is that 99.7% of your email didn't bounce.

Using Seventh Sense's system you'll gain deeper insight Into the health of your email program so that you increase the likelihood of reaching the inbox.

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If Bob Can Do It, So Can You

Bob made a huge change with his email program with natural email enhancement and so can you. 

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