Imagine is a business development company that offers Go-To-Market services, revenue operations optimization, HubSpot consulting, and more to help businesses overcome roadblocks and barriers to growth.

Drew Davidoff, Product Manager for Imagine, supports both internal and customer-facing marketing and sales workflows, and their team has been using Seventh Sense for several years. In his role, he uses HubSpot as well as Seventh Sense for marketing and sales enablement, with an initial focus on email deliverability.

“We’ve been using Seventh Sense for email optimization for a while for everything from newsletters to nurturing,” Drew says. 

When he discovered the Seventh Sense workflow integration with HubSpot, he was able to automate a previously complex task of building out workflows using individual webhooks, which was “immensely complicated.” 

The biggest thing the workflow integration has given us is quality assurance. We know it’s going to work. The webhooks were hacky and made reporting difficult. Now, we can report on who has accomplished certain workflows, and optimize,” Drew says.

Optimizing Email Nurture Workflows

Previously, email workflows with their standard of 5-7 emails took Drew “a while, depending on the number of emails.” Individual webhooks throughout added up to more nodes than fit on the screen.

Original HubSpot Workflow

With the integration, they’ve decreased the number of nodes in their “super complex workflows” by about two thirds. “Now, it takes our sales operations associate about 15 minutes to create a Seventh Sense workflow,” Drew says. “It’s given me time back to focus on other tasks as a product manager.” 

With the workflows created using the Seventh Sense workflow integration with HubSpot, they can more easily run reports to analyze effectiveness and areas for improvement. 

It gives us actionable insights from a reporting standpoint and tees our team up for relevant conversations and topics of discussion,” Drew adds.

The new and improved email nurture workflows have enabled Imagine to:

  • Pinpoint the exact moments customers are ready to engage with sales
  • Find out where workflows drop off at a glance
  • Consistently analyze workflow performance
  • Connect contact actions with the CRM and sales workflows

New HubSpot Workflow

Improving Sales and Marketing Conversations

Imagine has seen success using the tool for both marketing and sales— their marketing email open rates are 25% and click rates are 2% on average— both impressive engagement rates. With Seventh Sense, Imagine has been able to maintain a successful email marketing program. 

On the sales side, Drew and his team track workflow actions, since now they can see distribution. “We can better contextualize contact behavior,” Drew says.

When prospects go from an email in a nurture workflow to a high intent page, that signals a successful workflow and when it might be a good time to reach out. With automated, targeted marketing and sales efforts, Drew has seen a big impact.

It sets [sales reps] up for well-timed conversations, giving them relevant topics of discussion to pull from. The integration gives them an idea to draw from - they can use the email they’ve opened or clicked or content that they’ve viewed to drive the conversation,” Drew says. 

The value [the integration] gives us is connection. It connects the CRM + CMS," he adds.

With Seventh Sense and HubSpot, a prospect receives an email at just the right time then opens it, prompting them to head over to the pricing page, triggering a notification to the sales rep. Then, using the unified contact timeline, the sales rep is set up for a meaningful conversation and has the background to guide them on the potential client’s needs.

Increasing Client Email Engagement by 15-25%

With the success of their own programs, Imagine was confident in using the integration with clients as well. Now, Imagine recommends Seventh Sense for any clients sending email. With enterprise-level clients, Imagine can analyze insights at scale and provide important email deliverability insurance.

Our clients that use Seventh Sense get better email engagement. Across the board. Hands down. It’s about 15-25% better,” Drew says. “We had a client who didn’t use Seventh Sense and they really struggled to get email traction.” 

Seventh Sense has helped Imagine and their clients maintain deliverability, increase email engagement, and optimize conversions.

It’s just worth it, to not end up on the email blacklist,” Drew says. He adds that Seventh Sense is a must-have for anyone who uses email as a part of their marketing and sales strategy.

The one thing I can say is email is not dead.” Drew says.

Mike Donnelly

Written by Mike Donnelly

Founder and CEO - Seventh Sense