When working on some more advanced workflows within HubSpot, I realized that you can only re-enroll contacts based on specific criteria. Then it dawned me that I could use a Seventh Sense webhook to re-enroll a contact based on any criteria or property I desired.To provide some more context, I was trying to have contacts re-enroll based on when a custom property had been met. Learning that this was not possible, I banged my head against the wall for some time trying to figure out how I accomplish this. The answer was quite simple and was in front of me the whole time.The answer - once the property had been met fire a webhook to Seventh Sense and our system would immediately (or really with a few options) re-enroll them in the workflow. So how does a webhook work? In short, it's like HubSpot playing ping pong with us. They fire a webhook to us with the contact details and then based on the timing criteria you set within Seventh Sense, we ping HubSpot back by manually enrolling the contact back into the specified workflow.

Most of our existing customers use this functionality to make their nurture campaigns smarter as people traverse them, but this discovery process was a whole new way to think about the power of what webhooks can accomplish.

For example, notifying the sales team with an email to follow up at the exact moment in time that marketing had previously had success with getting people to open and click emails.More to come as we discover additional use cases. If you're trying to solve a problem with HubSpot's workflow engine, get in touch!

Mike Donnelly

Written by Mike Donnelly

Founder and CEO - Seventh Sense