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Case studies

Email is a critical channel for Brenthaven, but Marketing Programs Manager Kelly Nealson had noticed that Brenthaven's email engagement had been falling over time. Looking for ways to improve her email program, Kelly started researching top reviewed HubSpot integrations and came across Seventh Sense. Read the case study to see how Brenthaven increased clicks by 210% year over year by 75% less email.

Over several years, K2P had built a large email database and was driving substantial revenue via email. By most standards, the marketing team's efforts were a huge success. But recognizing the high value of email as a marketing channel for their business, Data Analyst Will Angel wanted to optimize further.

With a significant number of European customers, the traditional batch (one-time) email was not effective for Revulytics. For example, while sending one email at 4PM to a U.S. subscriber might seem like an optimal time, that same email could be sent to a French subscriber in the middle of the night. Read the case study to see how Revulytics was able to increase engagement with send time personalization.

LeadG2, a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, was frequently seeing high bounce rates when they sent mailings to large corporate clients and prospects. They were also getting more unsubscribes than they thought they should and wanted to improve engagement on client emails as well as marketing emails. Read the case study to learn how LeadG2 was able to turn around their email program by partnering with Seventh Sense.

For Prism Global Marketing Solutions, a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, achieving ongoing results for clients is a constant quest. When the agency noticed that email marketing engagement over time was becoming a bit stagnant for some clients, they decided they needed to find a solution that could take their email marketing to the next level. 

While they already had an engaged audience, Natera was looking for an email solution that allowed them to continue to remain top-of-mind. Read the case study to see how Natara was able to increase their click rate by 18.1% by using Seventh Sense.


Based on a study of over 150 million campaign events, see the top days and times people unsubscribe from email in this fascinating infographic.

Running a business is stressful, Seventh Sense can help. With that in mind we hope you enjoy this infographic we put together to highlight 7 ways Seventh Sense can lower stress and help your business.

Everyone receives it and every marketer sends it - Ill-mail is email that's sent at a bad time or at the wrong frequency. Over time, it can cause havoc on your email channel's success. Download the guide to learn effective techniques other marketers are using to solve this challenge.

Sure, send time optimization sounds cool, but what really matters is ROI. What kind of results do you get when you increase your email engagement rates? Here's an infographic with a few stats from several of our clients, so you can visualize exactly what send time optimization can do for your revenue.

Is your email marketing campaign struggling with low engagement, falling open rates and poor ROI? Get back on course with our Guide to Email Fatigue!

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