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Mike Donnelly, Founder & CEO

Mike Donnelly is the CEO and Founder of Seventh Sense where he leads the vision of the platform as well as growing the business. As a recognized sales leader in the technology industry, Mike has used the culmination of more than 13 years of experience building and managing territories to bring to market a revolutionary way of analyzing, visualizing and making data actionable for sales and marketing professionals.

Prior to founding Seventh Sense, Mike was an individual contributor at Nimble Storage (NMBL), a market leading data storage technology vendor. From 2006 to 2012 Mike held leadership and individual contributor positions at Isilon Systems, which was acquired by EMC for $2.5 billion in 2010. During his tenure at Isilon Systems, Mike received multiple awards and recognition for his over achievement. Mike also held sales positions at ExtraHop Networks, Dataline and DLT Solutions where he also received multiple awards and recognition for his achievements.

Early in his career, Mike worked as a software engineer for Celera Genomics which was the private company that mapped the human genome. Mike appeared in Science Magazine as a co-author of the human and mouse genomes due to his contributions at Celera.

Mike holds a bachelor of science degree in Geology with a Specialty in Environmental and Engineering Geosciences from Radford University.

Erik LaBianca, Founder & CTO

Erik is the CTO & Founder of Seventh Sense where he leads the product management and development efforts of the system.

Prior to Seventh Sense, Erik was the Chief Technology Officer of WiserTogether, an emerging services provider in the health care analytics space. As a recognized technology leader, Erik has served as the Vice President of Engineering for XIF, Inc., a media and technology services provider to national media organizations as well as holding and leading application development for web properties including National Geographic, Time, Disney and Thompson Reuters. During his career, Erik has managed enterprise-level software development, roll-out and maintenance of applications at large, medium and start-up organizations.

Erik holds a bachelor of science degree in Physics and Anthropology from Andrews University.

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Robert Moore

Sales Advisor

Executive Vice President, Sales

Carahsoft Technology Corp. 

Mike Brown

Technical Advisor

Chief Technology Officer

ComScore, Inc. 

Robert Coonrod

Strategic Advisor

Retired CEO

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Seth Coppock

 Strategic Advisor

Business Consultant

Banking Industry 

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