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Customers and prospects are overwhelmed with email

An hour after sending an email, the likelihood of a response drops by over 50% and decays even faster from there. How many times have you heard, 'I never saw your email' from a prospect or customer? With over crowded inboxes, getting your emails read and responded to can be the deciding factor between close won and close lost.

Access to data you never had before

People are creatures of habit in their daily activities and they're no different in the times they communicate.  You can now access hidden gems in your email data to uncover each of your prospective or existing customer's email habits.

Improve response rates

Send emails when you have the highest probability of your recipient seeing and responding to it (i.e. when it lands at the top of their inbox). Works alongside tools like Yesware, ToutApp, Boomerang, HubSpot Sales and Salesloft which all have email scheduling features.

Increase sales velocity

In sales, timing is everything.  Stay top of mind with your prospects and customers. 

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